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Sony v55

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Anyone know if these are worth it?
They look really nice and portable but I think the whole dj headphone thing is really gimmicked.

I'm no basshead but I listen to bands like radiohead who have a huge range of music and I do want the bass to shine on some tracks and then switch to acoustics eq and hear all of Thoms vocal range
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I know I don't have many post.... 2 or three to be exact.... But I owned a set of v55's for 3 weeks and loved them! Excellent bass, great mids and ok highs. They are pretty silibant (sorry if that is misspelled) at times but that's probably just opinion and not fact... However I noticed a slight crackle in the bass after week three and traded them for a set of MDR
XB600. Much happier with these and only $20 more... The v55 headband was too tight and kinda hard for my taste, on the other hand if your active then that's good....the xb600 bass is so smooth and the highs are just right after a little dampening from the super plush memory foam earpads. They aso kinda disappear when you put em on, really light and soft fitted. I could go on.... But the v55 seem better for accident prone ppl.

All in all I like them both especially for bang for your buck but.... I like the xb600's a little more smily_headphones1.gif
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I take that back..... Way More!
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