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First headphone

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Hi All,


I'm looking for my first on-ear headphone. After a few days searching I found some pretty nice. Firstly let me tell you what headphones I'd like.
Mostly I will use it on streets with an iphone 4 so mobility is important. It should be closed system and one important thing is the thick and strong cable. I listen electronic musics (electro, progressive, techno). The budget is around 100usd or 90euro (maybe a bit above).
The first one on my list is the Marshall major because of the durable cable and I like the design Second ones are AKG Q460, K451, K450. 
Can you tell me your experience with these headphones and/or recommend me others.

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How about Sennheiser HD25-1 II if you can stretch your budget to 200 USD ! Its a nice headphone for its price and given its top ratings and reviews, you should look into it ! You can get it new for 200 USD or used from 100 USD!

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I think the model what you suggested wouldn't fit with my phone since the headphone has 70Ohm impedance!

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For starter headphones - closed, high quality, thick cable, comfortable, portable, about a hundred dollars,

I recommend the (classic) Sony MDR V6. 

Many years ago they were my "starter headphones".

because so many of my musician / recording studio friends

had them and recommended them.

I still have a pair (not the original ones (!) and listen to them often;

feel free to look at my member page here for my other headphones.

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Thanks zazex! what do you think about marshall major and about AKG's headphones?

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Accutone Pisces band would be good but out of your budget... I have a pair of white ones (will probably sell them soon if your interested)

They have a good flat cable with iPhone controls and excellent bass without drowning out the rest of the sound
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Originally Posted by Titan89 View Post

Thanks zazex! what do you think about marshall major and about AKG's headphones?

I've not heard the Marshall Major, though I've seen some decent reviews about them.

Nothing that got me very excited, though.


AKG makes some of the best headphones on the market.

Those are their upper-tier models, in general, and they tend to be pricey.

Almost none are on-ear; instead they're almost all around the ear (circumaural).


Then they make a huge number of other models - frankly I find it hard to

keep track of them (and I know I'm not alone with that.) 


Moreover, those "lesser" AKG's come and go in the blink of an eye very often,

and they're really not worth paying much attention to.  Some of them are good

value but I think in almost every instance you can find a better set of headphones

for the money than one of those cheaper AKG's.


I'd start with something proven, good sounding, well made, that I'd be able to

sell if I decided to as my tastes changed. 

Sony MDR V6's, Sennheiser HD251ii's, maybe the Creative Aurvana Live,

maybe even the amazingly popular Audio Technica ATH-M50's.

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JVC HA-S500.

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I'm going to recommend the ATH-M50 (not the s model). Are they the best headphone for $100? Not really, but they're pretty close. They were my first set of headphones, and they sound and look great. They can take some abuse too. I've had them for about 3-4 years, and they still look good. They also look pretty nice when you wear them in public. The reason why the M50 would suit you better than the M50s model is the s version has a 3m straight cable, while the M50 has a 1.2m coiled cable, so it'll be better in a portable environment. Just my 2c. 

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All easy safe bets:
In order of MY preference least to most:
Klipsch Image One, JVC s400; vmoda m80; sennhieser amperior; Ath-m50; JVC s500; beyerdynamic 1350, vmoda m100....
No headphone will satisfy everyone so none can be singled out as best,
As knowhone ears are the same in shape and sensitiviy,
So basically you must have an idea of what "flavor" sound U like before U buy to lessen your headphone journey. .
The JVC & AKG tiesto k167 seems most for the money unless you get a nice used deal.
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