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ISO closed, comfortable headphones

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Looking to purchase a quality pair of headphones, I will be mostly using them for gaming, movies and music.

  • COMFORT IS KING #1 on the list, I must be able to wear these for hours on end with no soreness on my ears.
  • Closed, over ear I'm sure whatever I get will have satisfactory isolation, if you think the isolation is weak do mention please.


Those are my two main criteria, the rest of these aren't necessary

  • emphasis on bass
  • detachable cord
  • I'd rather not require an amp, but suggest what you will


I'm coming from siberia v2's, which have outstanding comfort.

I'll give a loose budget of under $200, but I'm looking for solid price to performance.

I will also need a mic, which won't be hard for me to find, but if anyone has a recommendation I'll take it!


Appreciate your input!

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I would go with the beyerdynamic dt770s.  I have other headphones that are better sounding, but not so comfortable.  In the end, I am truly considering taking the hit on SQ just for phones that i can wear for hours and not even know they are there.  That being said, the dt770, (I have the 250 ohm), has excellent sound quality, especially for the genre you specified.  The bass can get distorted for me if i crank the volume too loud, but it's honestly at a point that would probably be painful if at that volume for too long.  Another thing is that the mids are recessed, so it sounds like everything in the midrange sounds like it's at the end of a hallway, it is there, just a lil farther away.  They are not so expensive, and with your budget you can have money left over for an amp, which is a must if you go with them.  


As far as a mic, I have the samson usb go mic and it is excellent for gaming/skype purposes.......I think i found it on amazon for 40 dollars.st 


Just a thought from a newer member around here......

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The DT770 80ohm are a frontrunner for me atm, with all the testaments to it's comfort and decent bass.


I see Ultrasone pro 750 on sale for $180



Can anyone comment on those, comfort wise especially. It's a pretty big price cut, so is this a sweet deal or is it because nobody is buying them?

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Found Dt770 80's for about $160 w/s



I know that I will be happy with these, but I can't help but wonder if there might be something even better for me. Does anyone have experience with any of these:


Philips CitiScape Uptown the cord seems frail and I've read complaints about the volume control interfering with sound quality

Ultrasone HFI-580 These seem to be another staple recommendation, good isolation and bass. I read the clamping force is a bit much at first but that you can stretch it. Can anyone confirm the potential for this headset to be as comfortable as dt770?

AKG K167

Superlux HD669

Phiaton MS400

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I could also grab the jaycar clones for $50...



One third the price of DT770s, seems like a pretty good deal..

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