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Hip Hop headphones under $120

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I'm looking for some headphones under $120 to listen to a lot of hip hop and some indie rock. I would like something with large amounts of bass but not to the point of overpowering the song. I will listen with my Iphone at my home and sometimes out and a bout so I don't want a 10 foot long cord or overly bulky design. I was about to buy the Audio Technica m50's but my only worry is that they don't have enough bass based on some reviews. Thoughts and suggestions?

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Try taking a look at the Ultrasone HFI-580.

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Do the Ultrasone Hfis have a super long cord? I thought I read that somewhere.

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Oh, sorry didn't fully read your question. Maybe go for the Grado SR80i's.

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Thanks for the suggestion man. Do the grados have heavy bass for hip hop?
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The sound is great for hip-hop though the bass is more quality but it's still there.

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Awesome, Ill definitely look into those more! How would the quantity of bass compare to the m50s and are there any other headphones to consider with more quantity but not overpowering?
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I don't know about that as I have only tried the M50's once. 

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The Grado RS80i are the only real quality headphones I own/have a good experience with under $150 really.

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Originally Posted by rcooper View Post

Do the Ultrasone Hfis have a super long cord? I thought I read that somewhere.


Apparently, they have started producing them with a shorter cord and extension, just like the Ultrasone HFI-780. So you'd have to verify that you are getting the newer edition 580s from wherever you buy. 


Thing about the Grados is that they are AWESOME for rock, but they will not have a lot of bass for hiphop. The HFI-580s are sort of the opposite. Definitely not as good for rock as the Grados, but excellent for hiphop, EDM, and other bass heavy genres. Better than the M50s in that regard. You will definitely notice the bass. Many people recommend them as a good alternative to Beat Studios. 


If you can swing a little more money, the HFI-780s have a little more balanced sound than the HFI-580s (a little less bass impact) that will make them more suitable for a wider range of genres. If you go with the SR80i, then also order the Grado L-Cush pads (about $20 on Amazon) that come with the higher model Grado SR phones and switch them out for the default pads on the SR80i. It will increase the bass impact and the high/midrange detail, although still not the bass of the Ultrasones.  

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noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! dont get ANY grados for hip hop, especially if you plan on walking around with them, first of all grados are bass light, 2nd they're open, so you wont get any isolation with them and street noise is going to seep into your music, and 3rd they're uncomfortable



for under 120 i'd look into the sony xb series, possibly the ath pro500mk2's if they sound anything like the pro700's (might want to research a bit first), the monoprice 8323's if you actually listen to the lyrics and want some bass along with that, koss portapros if you dont care about them being over ear (these have a great sound for hip hop even if they're semi open, great bass too)



i've never heard the m50's but i think from alot of the reviews i've read on here and how they compare against the pro700's they'd probably be good

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The Senn HD280 needs a bit more love around here. I find the bass to be some of the best I've heard and felt. Rock and hip hop done with ease. Only drawback is they are a bit big.
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I owned the M50's for several years and can say that i enjoyed the bass very much. good punch and sub bass but until i got an E7, i didnt notice the true bass potential and this may be true of many of the other headphones. the pro700 are said to have a darker sound and more bass. I cant say from experience but i know the Grado's are open back and thats not a good feature for being out in public if you really want to hear the music.


Ive read alot of reviews and user comments about ultrasone and they seem to be a very good basshead recommendation by many.  i would either recommend both Audio Technica headphones or the ultrasones as the best choices

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The m50s in my opinion are alot better than ths sr80i's. The sound quality is alot better
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For heavy bass, and good isolation my suggestion is ATH PRO500MK2

for better audio quality, and light weight ATH WS55



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