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Best Headphones for EDM around $50?

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(fyi, I'm a newbie to audiophile stuff, but I'll try my best to get things.)

I listen to mainly dubstep, DnB, trance, and a little house + electro.

I've had these razer electras for a while now that I got for about $50 (yeah I know Razer is not really an established music headphone company, but these seemed to be made really well and sound pretty good to me actually)...



...but they're really bassy (almost too bassy without some tinkering with the EQ) and the mids and highs feel a little recessed.  Otherwise, they're pretty good (but i dont know if I'm saying that because it's the first set of headphones I've owned cool.gif) and the isolation is excellent.

What I'm looking for now is a good set of headphones for EDM that you can buy (or ship) to Canada for around 50 bucks.  Something with good bass, but still with clear mids & highs.  Isolation matters a little less to me, but it would still be nice to have (sound comes first).  I would mainly be using these headphones at home where there's less external sound anyway.  Mainly on my laptop, or occasionally on my ipod.  I'm hoping it would be better than the Razers that I have now (even though they're still quite good), from a company that actually specializes in mainly music headphone manufacturing.

thanks for any recommendations biggrin.gif


P.S. If the headphones need amping or needs any other important things of the sort, please let me know and explain, as my knowledge of this area not that great.

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i would consider sony mdr xb500? depending on how you like them.

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I've read joker's review on them, and the way he described the headphones make pretty much the same than the ones I already have (or the ones I have seem a little bit better in terms of isolation and build quality lol)
I don't really want the bass to be too overpowering against the the highs or mids.

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