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 I do not hear a lot about the Zu Mobius Mk.II but I really like it. It has a low noise sheathing, aluminum connector body's, with press-sinter Elkonite copper pins, solder-free coldforged pin termination's. It is lighter than the first version, tougher, flexible, less microphonic. Blaa Blaa.. More detail's on the web site.


 The bass on my 650's went from wooly to tight and way better definition. I was wondering if the 650's could do better than one note bass..They can, and overall the timbre and texture now sound more natural, with greater resolution over the stock cable. The bass is fast when called for and the high's extend out nicely. I just upgraded my equipment and I hear even more details with this cable. For me, it just sound's like the right cable for the HD650's and I'm satisfied. If I were not then Zu has a 60 day return policy. Oh yeah, it's American made at that.   Web site at Zu Audio for more detail's.


I recently had this silver over copper cable terminated for my Audeze LCD-3's. I loved it from the beginning and It is my most detailed cable. It has all the benefits of both metals and sounds very balanced. I think the guy's at Zu have the formula just right. Most notable are the extended high's and punchy well defined bass. Also, the resolution of this cable is very good. I'm a bit of a cable freak and still like to try other cables. But I can not find any fault in this one. I have not spent $600 + yet; but I can say I really think the Mobius is worth it's cost.

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I listen to mainly Metal.

Is there a cable that can meet my needs?
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I listen to many music stiles including different kind of metal and really happy with Moon Audio Blue Dragon V3

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Thanks for the suggestion
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Originally Posted by MattTCG View Post

Sorry...I posted that comment in the wrong thread. Getting a little holiday frazzled I suppose. 

... and im so glad you did.... looked up the album on Google Play... and SAD#$!@$EDA I melted. 

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As long as your cables are copper, the only thing you may hear is more/less transparency.  Stay away from silver or a mix.

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For the HD650's it has to be silver, copper would just be more of the same because the stock cable is copper.


When I have my HD650's a few years ago I tried the copper equinox cable and the Moon Audio Silver Dragon Mkii.

The Equinox made very little difference but the Silver Dragon was a significant improvement.


Toxic cables are excellent in all areas, build quality, sound quality etc and would be my recommendation ( I have 3 myself ) but have a very long wait time of about 20 weeks!!

Toxic do not have a return policy, unless faulty, but due to the wait times you would esily sell it at near new price.

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I took a gamble on a set of cyro treated 14gauge copper braided cables with a Furutech TRS plug from ALO Audio.  Very happy with these.  It's a more subtle upgrade than upgrading your DAC or amp but it is noticeably better than stock.

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Im abit discomfortable with stock cable of HD650. I like the smooth and neutral dark sound but sometimes I want to wash my ears and remove fiber.. virtual one
Is it worth to upgeade cable or should I go to another headphones? Im ysing matrix x-sabre + matrix quattro amp
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You can see my post above about the Mobius cable from Zu Audio. I still believe it's possibly the best all around cable that get's the tone's right. I was so impressed that I terminated the ends to 4 pin mini xlr's for use with my Audeze. 3's. In that configuration I found the soundstage and imaging to be (unfortunately) to forward and lacking in size, width, depth and height. Transparency was very good though. In Pink Floyd's, "The Wall" I could easily follow the movements deep in the soundstage and to a small degree a sense of the emotion portrayed by the artists.of the characters and music deep within the soundstage (maybe because it was more forward) and words and sounds were more intelligible to me. Obviously there was a high degree of detail compared to the stock cable.


So what I'm saying is that the Mobius is a great audiophile cable that was conceived for the Sennheiser headphones but didn't quite cut the mustard with the Audeze LCD 3's. I think the Audeze need a bit more meat to sound their best. But,  this thread is about recommending cables for the Sennheiser's and I can assure you I have one worthy of your consideration. So please read on....


To make a long story short over a year ago I bought a used aftermarket cable (my first) here at head-fi. What I got was something that did not sound right at all. No bass! For nearly three months I tried to like this cable but in the end I gave up and threw it in the closet. That's where it remained until a couple of months ago. Not having anything else to do I decided to replace the xlr's with Cardas connectors for my HD650's. But, that's not what happened. I found some much better connectors (pricey though) and soon was busy working. Removing the mini xlrs I discovered one of the wires was broken (but holding on by a thread) at the soldering point. Apparently the previous owner have snagged the cable hard enough to cause the break. Or that's my guess.


Oh man, with my 650's this cable sounds extraordinary. I always felt (compared to my Audeze) the 650's had greater extended high's. The bass could use some tightening up but overall it's a good cable for stock. Yet in my audiophile system it was very bland; boring and lacking in totality what the Audeze brought to the table. But, I think maybe I have struck gold somehow with the cable I have alluded to. The Toxic Silver Poison. But Ruby, everybody knows about that..... Maybe so, but have you tried it with rhodium connectors that cost $50 a set?

I can hear you naysayer's screaming cables don't make a difference therefore  connectors don't either. And I must admit that I can offer no quantifiable evidence to the contrary. So put you on a big old smug smile and go back to listening to your rat shack wire and feel good about your superior intellect over the rest of us audiophile fanatics. I could not be more happy for you.


But, to you fellow fanatics I would like express some enthusiasm toward the Silver Poison with HD650 combination. What I'm hearing is nothing less than a very good audiophile cable that is to me; very synergistic with the 650's. I find it to be more accurate from top to bottom than my favorite Audeze 3's.I began this crusade to find a better cable for the 650's when my Audeze went back for some warranty work. I never thought I would prefer listening to the 650's over the Lcd 3's but this is the case. Maybe I'm just infatuated because I did the work myself (?) but regardless the 3's are shelved at the moment. If anyone has some 24-26 ga silver litz laying around please contact me. Also If you don't feel up to swapping out your Cardas and would like the Rhodium connectors feel free to  contact me. What I noticed was the death grip on the lower bass and clarity. Everything took a big took a big step forward.







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