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For Sale: Sennheiser HE-60

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For Sale:
Sennheiser HE-60

Will Ship To: CONUS

Just received these a week ago from Rejykv... Reyjkiv.. from Iceland.  They are quite a unique pair, with a 5M resistor and recabled with a Stax plug.  What this means is you can play them out of your Stax amp or BHSE or LL or whatever using a Stax Pro jack and bias.  It also has had dust covers installed to protect the stators, which are purported to be sensitive and prone to damage via dust. This pair also comes with two headband/headpad assemblies- one of which is brand new.  I do not expect these to last long on the market.


I paid Spritzer $2350 (including the spanking new headband) + PP + unexpected border hit.  If cash am looking for $2300 shipped insured, plus paypal fee if applicable.


These headphones rarely come up for sale, especially in the US.  I am not willing to ship outside the US.  A couple members with longstanding WTB ads have priority, but first come first served after that point.

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Just to confirm pursuant to some inquiries, I am only shipping this within CONUS.  If someone outside the US wants these, I can send it to a forwarding service or a friend you have-  within the US.


Since some new speakers just came in and I'm cutting down headphone collection, this is on a 24 hour special for $2200 shipped. 

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Best headphones i've ever heard in my life by far.


Bump for such a great headphone. 

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Sale pending.

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