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There is a review of the Emotiva XDA-2 by Steve Guttenberg posted on Inner Fidelity.


Read it here:



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Just finished a "blackout" mod for my XDA-2 and it's remote control.  Now I just need to figure out how to disable those garish blue halo LEDs.  smile_phones.gif



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Here's a fresh XDA-2 review by Michael Lavorgna on AudioStream:



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So is it really worth the upgrade from the XDA-1?

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I have the emotiva airmotiv 5's and just setup the xda-2 today. I think it sounds awesome.

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Hey guys, I'm interested in this dac, but I was wondering that if I connected my speakers and an amp to it, can I switch between the amp and speakers? Or will both play at the same time? Also, does anyone know if Emotiva has more refurbished XDA-2s around or if another sale might go on again? Thanks alot!

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Can you clarify that a bit - is your amp a speaker amp or a headphone amp?  Will you be using the headphone out on the XDA-2? Not certain what you are trying to do. I can tell you that both the single ended and balanced outputs are active at the same time.


You have to call Emotiva to see if they have any B-Stock units on hand.


Their next sale will most likely be for the 4th of July.


They have had a couple of warehouse sales for B-Stock items pop up at different times but you never know until they announce it.

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Thanks for the quick response! It's a schiit asgard that I was planning on connecting to the rca outputs, while using the balanced outputs for a pair of active studio monitors that I have. I wanted to be able to be able to switch between the rca and the balanced outputs so that when I use the studio monitors, the headphone won't be active and vice versa. I don't believe I'd be able to use the headphone out on the xda itself because I was planning on using the asgard to drive a pair of HD650s.


I'll probably try to give them a call or something when I have time, and ask about how often their sales are, really sucks that I missed out on the deal that happened not too long ago for that xda-2 refurbished haha. Thanks again!

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The outputs are always on with the XDA-2. You will need to turn the amp or speakers on when using either.

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