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For Sale:
IC: EAT 300B Matched Pair - Now $500 and actually for sale

Will Ship To: CONUS

I have a lot of tubes for my Balancing Act right now, between the KR PX4's, EML's, and recently acquired Western Electrics.  I'll be selling everything except for the PX4's and the Western Electrics over the next few weeks.  First on the docket is the EAT 300B's, which run $1200/pair new.  These tubes are in like new condition, with a total of 35 hours on them and have been in their padded box or an amp 100% of the time.  Pictures available upon request.  I'm going to look around to see what a fair price is, I'm not sure at the moment.


All my listings have a 48 hour return policy if the item is not mechanically or cosmetically as described.


This does not have the full original box, the top of the box was lost.  Has the original foam though.

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