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SONY XBA-4 vs new XBA-40? - Page 6

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or the black/silver? how could I get the white buds?

I have seen these around on ebay and various japanese import sites in the uk. what impedance are they, as i saw one ebay ad for the white and gold, stating 8 ohms impedance? do members feel they have improved on the sound of the XBA-4? they are much cheaper for reasons unknown. perhaps manufacturing advances.
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They are 8 ohms impedance, and they offer an improvement on the XBA-4s. There is a seller on ebay selling his 40s for $195

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XBA-40 is 17000 yen (180$) @ Amazon Japan.
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To the states via Tenso would be ~$210 shipping fees plus tenso fees included altogether . At least that's what I bought for mine smily_headphones1.gif
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Yep, so for 15 bucks more you get it brand new!

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So, was that ebay XBA-40(White, lightly used, $189, Priority shipping from CA.) from a fellow Head-fier? I put in the minimum as my max bid since I wasn't totally into the white color but it held up. I got home from work thinking someone had to have gotten them. I guess it was the timing; middle of the week middle of the day is the worst time for last minute bidders as everyone is working or still in class etc.




Edit: Yeah, Priority Mail! Seems my XBA-40 are out for delivery. A good quiet day before the Easter holiday to try them out and see how they pair with various sources and configurations. I do think I have potentially the right recipe to get the most out of them or I wouldn't have gotten them.

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Has there been a revision to the XBA4[ip] anyway, regardless of the XBA40?


I have just received a pair (after the MH1, my love affair for all things Sony has been rekindled - looking away from the EX1000!!), and on the box it says they have a sensitivity of 102db, and in the instructions it says they have a 16ohm impedance...


Mine were made 11/12...


XBA-4ip :
Type : Quad-balanced armature type sealed
Sensitivity : 102dB
Playback frequency band : 3-28,000 Hz
Impedance : 16 Ω
Maximum input : 100mW
Mass : About 8g

Open circuit voltage level: -42db (0db=1 V/Pa)



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I oreded the 40 in black. looking forward to hearing how it stacks up to my fav. EX1000.

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Is there black 40 or you mean silver?

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Silver and white are the only versions. Probably means silver as it has black tips.

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so can anyone confirm, that xba40 is really less peaky in treble and digs deeper in subbass?

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I have the XBA-40 now and I'm not really impressed especially when compared to EX1000.  I think I'm gonna get the XBA-4 to compare the two.  What's the difference between the XBA-4 and the XBA-4sl (japan)?



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so can anyone confirm, that xba40 is really less peaky in treble and digs deeper in subbass?



I don't know how it compares to the XBA-4, but the 40 isn't peaky in the treble and has deep bass.

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You can also try to remove the foam sound damper in the tube, personally I prefer the XBA-4 without the foam.

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XBA3/30 are better than 4/40, but they can't match the EX1000. 

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Originally Posted by Inks View Post

XBA3/30 are better than 4/40, but they can't match the EX1000. 

I have never been able to tame the savage / unnatural treble of the EX1000...


...I wish I could, as there are definitely elements of their sound signature I like, but - not enough for me to ignore the treble...



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