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Custom IEM Recommendation

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I am currently considering entering the custom IEM market. I am a current owner of the TF10 and I love the signature. I do not have any problems with the fit but I am thinking about entering the custom market after researching custom IEMs because of the fit and I am curious about the improvement in sound going from a top-tier IEM to an entry level custom.


I am currently thinking about going for the JH Audio JH5 Pro.

Do you guys think it's worth to into the entry level custom market? If so which IEMs would you recommend? 


PS: I want to stay in the entry level market because I am not at the point where I am willing to shell out $1000+ for headphones. 

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I'm also thinking of entering the CIEM area aswell, looking particularly at the JH5 Pro/Unique Melody Aero/Mage and 1964 Ears-Q. Similarly curious about how great Custom IEMs can become and if they're worth the upgrade or not, and they also look awesome!

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What is your budget?  I'm with you I love the TF10, it's my all time favorite universal IEM.  When I was looking at upgrading to a TF10 like signature I looked at the JH16, LS8, and the TS842.  I almost pulled the trigger on the TS842, but I found my JH16 for a good price in the FS forum.  You might also want to check out the Cosmic Ears thread, they've got a HY3, (dynamic driver, with a dual BA) that looks interesting.

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Definitely look at Cosmic Ears offerings. They are the cheapest CIEM's around and I have their HY3 with the dynamic driver and the twin BA. It is nothing like the TF10 sound though. The TF10 has accentuated bass and trebles in a V shaped sound signature and the HY3 is a more balanced, smooth and neutral sound. It is capable of resolving lower bass than the TF10 however. They have a variety of offerings that might suit you though and you should def. check them out.

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Also check out Gorilla Ears. I have their top tier AT5's and love them. They have tons of offerings from a 1 driver CIEM all the way up to a 5 driver and bass configurations.

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My budget is $700.

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Originally Posted by sfwong445 View Post

My budget is $700.

Does that include the cost of the audiologist?


Id look at the Gorilla Ears AT3 for $649.

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Yeah that does. I will definitely check them out! Thanks for the tip! 

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