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Looking for IEM suggestions

Poll Results: Which would you recommend for me?

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    1964 V3
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Hi everyone, its been some time but I'm back in the market for IEMs. 


I have been digging around and am currently considering:



W4r (I like the idea of a removable cable for longterm durability)

1964 v3s 


My source will be a 15" macbook pro retina


In the past I have used SE530s and while I liked them, I was somewhat underwhelmed as they sounded a bit muddy to my ears without amplification. I am currently listening to some Yuin Pk2s and am definitely looking for more in just about every department. While I have not had great IEM or bud experiences, I really enjoyed the HD600s I had.


My music genres tend to be eclectic, however, I listen primarily to electric, jazz, acoustic, and rap. I am sensitive to overly bright highs, muddiness, and too much bass. Generally I prefer a balanced signature with sparkly highs, punchy bass, and smooth midrange.


I will be using these when I study and need them to provide a quiet spot anywhere so please consider isolation. I have fairly run of the mill ear sizes and have never had any issue with stock tips fitting properly. 


Given my source, my first question is whether or not its worth it to invest in some higher tier IEMs or just get some ue700s. 


If it is worth the investment, which of these would you recommend given my preferences?


Thank you, 


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I have Westone 3 and recently auditioned W4R ....i wouldnt mind upgrading to W4R and i loved them...though personally i am saving up for my custom iem upgrade.

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The W4R  is a nice IEM and I'd also say checkout the BA200 and SM3.  They have smooth detailed highs, nice not bloated bass and great mids.  The BA200 doesn't have removable cables but the SM3 V2 does and they're the best IEM I've heard and I liked them more than the W4.  Both a mid-centric but I like the soundstage and presentation more on the SM3 but that's just my my preference.

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