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I do think that the 880s sound thin sometimes compared to my other headphones (especially for soundtracks) and I did hate their sound for quite a while before getting used to them, therefore, they are quite a hard recommendation for me (maybe it has to do with burn-in). The 990s on the other hand are an easier recommendation, but are arguable less.... "audiophile", if that even means anything.


But then again, at higher levels the 880s really are excellent for metal (love the speed and aggressiveness). The best is if you could audition both. You should also consider what amping you'll be providing them with, especially with the 250 and 600ohm models. They can sound quite bad when not properly amped.


Good luck with your decision!

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Originally Posted by jasonb View Post

I'm in the minority here, but I actually really like the AKG Q701 for rock and metal. 

I agree with you. Makes it delicate. I used to headbang listening to it now i just lay back with a huge freakin smile and melt, probably looking like a complete idiot :D

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Originally Posted by daniel521 View Post

Metallica is the main thing I listen to, do you think one of them perform better particularly with metallica? It's so hard to choose one over the other lol, they both seem so good!

 Personally, I love metallica on my 990's, the 880's just don't quite do it for me, a little to boring, I like them for their nutrality, but, they just don't do it for some types of music... They are both great cans, it really is a hard choice. When it comes to what you will be more happy with in the long run, it really depends on you.


I am going to stick with my recommendation of the 990, just because It does so much right for genres such as rock/metal, dubstep (plus other electronic), and strangely I like it for acoustic guitar solos....


The 990 also has a bigger sound stage which I really enjoy.....


One other thing... When and if you buy one of these cans, be VIGILANT about not getting hair in the drivers, it makes horrible rattling when things are played that have lots of sub bass. Then if hairs get stuck in the driver, you have to either carefully pluck out hairs, and if that does not fix it (there is a hair physically stuck IN the driver) you have to send it into beyerdynamic to be repaired....... This only happened to me once, my 990 was still under warranty, and driver was replaced, free!darthsmile.gif

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I'm leaning towards the DT990 now, I'm afraid the DT880 will lack some fun. Thanks :)

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I concur, and it's not because I'm selling a DT990 either... biggrin.gif

Seriously, the DT880 is (IMO of course) not a great rock headphone. If that was the genre I listened to mostly and I had to choose between these two cans I would pick the DT990 without hesitation.
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I'm also a bit interested in the HE-500, have you guys ever heard it (my budget is now 700 btw)?

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Just a few days ago, I actually directly compared the DT880, DT990 and the HE500 using metal genre tracks, with 2 of my co-workers. It was a 3 way split...


I choose the DT880 because I liked the speed and excitement it provided, and I felt the DT990 bass was not controlled enough for and was causing a bit of masking in the mids. My co-worker chose DT990 for the authority and impact it provided, he disliked the lightness of the DT880 and didn't like the HE500 either as it seemed less cohesive. My last co-worker chose the HE500, for the detail, soundstage and clarity, provided for a more enveloping and resolving sound.


All 3 are excellent choices for different reasons, and so (as unhelpful as this will sound) is very hard to recommend one over the other. I felt the DT990 performed similarly to the HE500, just perhaps a bit more forgiving and more thump in the bass. My personal favorite pair is the HE500, as it's great with classical and soundtrack music (which I love) and better then the other 2 at most other genres. But I'm probably biased since it's the most expensive headphone I own.


I think the safest bet would be the DT990, as it has a nice fun sound signature, but it gets a bit boring for me after a while. The DT880 is more risky, as quite a few people have disliked it after buying it, but it kind of grows on you after a while (at least it did for me), and imo is a better general use headphone in the long run. The HE500 is heavy and can be uncomfortable, but it's performance scales higher then any of the DTs I've heard so far and with the right setup, it has the potential of becoming an end-all level headphone (unless you're looking at 2k+ stuff). However, unless you can get used to the weight and feel of the HE500, I won't recommend it as a workhorse headphone (I use it only when I just enjoy music, not while surfing the net/playing games), but maybe my neck is just weak or something.


Also consider your budget, are you really willing to pay almost double for a small bump in performance? Money that could be used to get a nice DAC or amp to power your new headphone.


Hope that helps, good luck!

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another vote for the dt 990, the extra bass weight will be nice.

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I need help regarding this topic and I am having trouble choosing. i currently have a pair of HD 202's which are closed and the frequency range is too low.. which worries me now cuz i am generally worried about sennheiser's flat sound in general now

That made me realize i need a more open sound stage.. and i need a little treble.. just enough for it to sound like a hiss but not so much that it sounds scratchy :)

the thing is.. i love rock and metal.. but I love other genres.. i need a headset that i can listen to all day long as I work (I'm a character artist and the music is necessary.. ti affects my drawings style.. the clearer and better the sound the better the drawing style)

thing is.. sometimes I am in the mood for fast hard hitting metal.. sometimes I am in the mood for soundtracks that HAVE guitar solos.. sometimes I am simply in the mood for orchestral

I have a limited budget.. iwas initially going to get the HD 558's for 128$ form amazon.com .. but I discovered recently one of the "problems" i have is my current sound card (Sound Blaster Z) is oversimplified and there isn't really a feature to amp the sound down.. so I need high resistance headphones.. when i searched for 150 ohm and 600 ohm the dt880's and dt990's cames up

I was very excited about the dt990 at 1st as I prefer a more colored sound.. btu I already play with my equalizer a lot.. so i started worrying that my current equalizer settings + 990 would sound overly colored

then again I have no idea how open back headphones sound like

i keep thinking to get the 880 because since it's semi open it's more of a "middle ground"

but I worry that it's 50$ more expensive and that some ppl called it "boring"

I personally like the design of the 880 too.. the 990 looks a little too plastic-y for my taste (the 150 ohm model)

but I am afraid that those opinions are not based on my own taste of music.. when i hear soundtracks I like the bass being pronounced.. btu when i hear metal I don't like it when the bass gets muddy i would rather the bass be very specific with a sharp treble

I need help here.. could anyone who possibly has both headsets test the following songs below? :)

1) Big Daddy Kills http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpZcbgyFbv0


I once heard this track on a set of very high quality in ears that made it so bassy I felt I was in the cinema.. i was going to cry.. i feel the dt990's would help with that but I worry that it wouldn't be god with fast hard hitting fast action-paced music

2) Evangelion - Les Betes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSg8kFZ4pNo

this track being an anime soundtrack is all over the place.. it has a guitar solo and it has instrumental.. so the headphones have to be good at BOTH or else it will either sound too guitar heavy or too instrument heavy.. also i worry that it sounds messy and muddy it needs to be very accurate for it to sound right

3) Inception - Dream is collapsing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imamcajBEJs


another instrumental bassy track. Both this and big daddy kills sound ok on my current headset.. .. the mroe rock and metal tracks get very messy and muddy

4) System of a Down - Marmalade http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYonN5N40XE

another fast paced track :)

5) Zelda - Great Fairy Fountain http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IljKQ1BdHKI


some classic video game music.. want to know if it has body even thought it's a little 8-bit-y :)

including some remixed versions  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdI_y4Urcso&

Can anyone try to listen to those songs and compare the dt880 and dt990's for me and tell me which one is better over all? :)

Thank you so much this would help a lot since I wish to get it right this time.. and i live in Egypt so i will be importing these.. i have no options to return them :S

Thank you so much :)

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Originally Posted by daniel521 View Post

I'm also a bit interested in the HE-500, have you guys ever heard it (my budget is now 700 btw)?

I just got the DT990s and so far really like them.  They are extremely comfortable.  I haven't been too critical of the sound since they haven't really broken in yet.  What I do notice compared to my Custom One Pros is that they have more extended treble and better sense of air in the sound stage.  Overall things are less compressed sounding.  Initially I was worried the bass would be too thin, but that is not the case.  They don't have the impact of the COPs, but they have the accuracy and ability to deliver low bass. They are also much harder to drive given their 250 ohm rating.  For $150 I am quite pleased.  The other headphone I was considering is the T90 which is much more expensive.  I listen primarily to to rock, country, and some jazz.  For the money, they hit the spot nicely given my tastes.

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Originally Posted by Averruncus View Post

I do think that the 880s sound thin sometimes compared to my other headphones (especially for soundtracks) and I did hate their sound for quite a while before getting used to them

I know this is an old post, but I thought I'd chime in to agree with this sentiment. They are a little bass light, but they certainly grow on you. For rock and metal I think you'll be better served going with the 990s.

The 880s have a great sound, very neutral to forward, but if the track isn't bass heavy, the bass won't be overly impactful. In short, they are phenomenal phones, but they won't "wow" you initially for those categories.
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