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I'm thinking about getting my first replacement set of tubes for my WES and I was just wondering if anyone could give me any feedback on what tubes have sounded good to them in what combinations, and also what everyone's preferred sources for tubes might be? I'm entirely new to the tube rolling business.


The WES uses four EL34 power tubes, four 6SL7 drivers and two 5AR4 rectifiers. The list of compatible tubes is listed at


The wooaudio website has some tube upgrade options available, including the Shugang 50-Years Treasures, but at over $1000 for a full set of 'upgrade' tubes from them that's a lot more than I really want to spend every year or two for replacement tubes if I can avoid it.


Oh, and does one set of tubes need to be replaced more frequently than another, or do most of you replace all the tubes at once?


Thanks in advance for any feedback from fellow WES owners!