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after visiting some webpages (including this amazing audiophill center) i came up with the idea of geting a good audio gear.

500$ is what i can afford,and im intrested in IEMs.

after reading some reviews i came up with these 2 sets of equipment,help me decide which one is better.

1st set: ipod touch 4th gen +Hifiman RE-262+Fiio E11+Fiio L9 (it is possible to use the LOD and get the full performance of the plaing device)

2nd set:Ipod touch 5th gen+Hifiman RE-262+Fiio E6(as apple changed his line out to Lighting theres no lineout cable and less quality appearently)

and tell me if using a E11 instead of E6 for running a Hifiman RE-262 makes a great deal or not.