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A new look at the Auvio Concert Class

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Let me preface this with a few things

I work for Radioshack. I am a sales associate, and while I work on commision, I make absolutely nothing off of these headphones. I am posting this review noting that while I make 12 bucks of SPIFF on a pair of Beats I try to sell these regularly. I love my Auvio's. I have about 36 hours on them, with about 2 hours of burn in from the get go (which helps alot)

Another word is that I am bigcat39's son. I haven't spoken to him in years but he started this obsession with audio and elctronics. I have been to Afghanistan and back as a Navy Corpsman and while I am still medical at heart, he is my greatest inspiration for the passion I have for sound and precision. He bought me my first ATH A900 when I was 17 along with an iRiver 40 for FLAC files. I hope he knows that beyond our differences, he is my greatest influence.


Now, outside the sentimental, here is my review. I love these cans. I have heard just about every "audiophile" set in existence. I took Sennheiser 650's to school for christs sake. I have listed to Stax, my personal setup in my senior year was a set of ATH w2002 with a beautiful Wheatfield HA2. In all of my experience I have yet to come across a more versatile set of plastic can's. I listen to Johnny Cash, Skrillex, Tool, Deadmau5, Opeth, Eyes Set to Kill... etc... everything but country. I love versatile sound.



I won't compare these to anything from AT of Senn. It would be a crime. These are great knock arounds. There best use is in there modular setup. I swapped the single cable to a dual corded setup from another st of auvio ear buds, in the process I added a mic and according to the multimeter reduced the resistive qulity of the cable



My review is based on 3 songs that I usually sell these phone's on.


Equinox (First of the Year) - Skrillex

Jolene (Under Great White Northern Lights) - The White Stripes

Blue - A Perfect Circle



These songs are particulars for me for the quality of change they exude.


The Auvio's keep up quite well and push every bit of bass you could want while maintianing the creepy highs this song puts out. It lets the song play with the range and lets you fall into it. You can settle back and feel frightened ass everything closes in on you with this. This is an excellent test of range.


Jolene -


This is a live recording from Blackpool Lights that the White Stripes did. It is haunting, tragic and emotional. It truly puts these can's to the test and they do not disapoint. They truly follow along and make you want to cry as Jack tell you how Jolene stole his man. For a Dolly Parton song it is quite emotional and Jack White just tears your heart out with it, something these cans just highlight.


Blue -


I just like this song so whatever. It's a great song. The phones reproduce well, a little to punchy, you can lose some of the emotion in the bass but they are very good.



All in all these are great cans. They reproduce well, feel great, and are WAY better than a pair of Beats. Fasionably they look great too so I guess if youre into that they work well too. Being modular they are easy to mod and take well to it as well.

These are very neutral after a good long burn in as well.



On a final note: I am sorry dad. I wish I could tell you how much you have taught me has influenced my life. Oh yeah, and, buy these cans, especially from me.... and a get a service plan you ******


Edit: I fixed the title. Alcohol and headphone reviews are not the greatest mixes, but can be :p

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I thought these had an interesting name until I found out they're actually called "Concert Class", not "Convert Class". tongue.gif

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