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Hi everyone, I would like to ask for an advice. I have recently bought Beyerdynamics 770 Premium 250Ohm, they will be driven by amplifier Denon AVR 2108 playing mostly CD/burned/Mp3s from Denon CD player 510 and played on stereo bi-amped B&W 685s - and now headphones alternatively. I was looking for multiuse DAC/preamp with USB and Cambridge audio Dacmagic Plus has everything I need. I reallz like it, but opinions in this thread seem to be rather contradictive. I would like to use its USB for playing from notebook/iPhone/Kindle in higher quality. I am heading towards universal home Hi-Fi use in future, connecting all deviced in the most simple and effective way, and with limited budget. I listen pretty all styles except hip-hop and metal, mostly dance,rock, also a lot of classical. Just I dont know how friendly is Dacmagic (the character of music) with Beyer 770s and Denon source. 
For outdoors, I will still use my old Porta Pros, so I am not looking for portable amp, Beyerdynamics are just too big to wear them on the streets...
My 2 questions are: considering other choices, would someone reccomend me any other DAC with USB, with similar connectivity like Dacmagic, preferably below 300-350 quids (500 USD)?.
Also I was wondering, would it improve sound quality significantly if I connect Dacmagic between Denon CD player (model 510) and Denon AVR (model 2108)? Listening to original/burned CDs or MP3s?
I would appreciate your advice. Many thanks,