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I am looking at buying a new pair of over ear phones and I am almost sure that what I want is the ultrasone pro 900s. I will mostly be using these for use at my computer and I plan on powering them with a fiio e7. I listen to mostly dub-step, rap, pop and some rock. I currently own a pair of ultimate ears tripplefi10s and really like the sound from these though maybe just a little bass light. I also plan on doing the kees mod to these headphones.


So my questions are 

1. Will this amp/headphone combination work together well?

2. Will these headphones fit with the style music that I listen to well (from what i have read they should be perfect)?

3. Is the kees mod worth doing? I have read that is brings out the mids more as well as smoothing out the highs do you know how well it works?