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For Sale: MHDT Labs Stockholm DAC

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For Sale:
MHDT Labs Stockholm DAC

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I love this DAC but in the long run I am going to re invest in a Havana DAC ... only because I don't need the *ASYNCHRONOUS* USB functionality of the Stockholm and nor do I need the higher bitrate input capabilities of the Stockholm, which can accept signals up to 192khz via it's USB input. 


This DAC and the Havana DAC ... at my relatively modest level of investment/gear, are the two best sounding DACs I've found for my particular listening preferences and headphones. I primarily listen through Grados (GS1000/RS1/etc.) and hands down, the Stockholm (and the Havana for that matter) are the sweetest sounding sources I've mated with those cans. 


Very musical, very natural sounding, no shrill highs, smooth, liquid, excellent detail while not sounding overly digital or "edgy". Perhaps this is simply a trait of the traditional NOS DAC architecture or perhaps it's a byproduct of the tube stage, but I count myself one who appreciates these qualities (NOS DAC) over most other over sampling/up sampling variants, the latter sort being something I just can't find reason for, personally. 


You can read more about my personal thoughts on the Stockholm DAC in the review I published here at, earlier this year: Stockholm Review


Great DAC. If your local to Houston and are interested in the DAC, just private message me as I am not against loaning the DAC for a few days demo; this applies to Houston interest only, though as I'm not really wanting to mail the DAC around. Also ... feel free to make offers...very flexible.


NOTE: The DAC will ship with the stock GE tube and no power cable. I specify this as the attached photos show the DAC with a Bendix 6385 tube, which is a bit taller than the GE tube that will ship with the unit... FYI.



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