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Hi I thought I could contribute as I've have/had the headphones mentioned so far.


I'm listening to the Ultrasone HFI-2400 now and I like them. For Ultrasone the treble is not as strong but still nice, compared the others by the company and the bass is strong especially the mid bass. The sound is spacious due to the S-logic system they all use. Mids I enjoy....


I've owned the dt770 and the dt990 and love everything about them except the treble was too strong at times and could cause listening fatigue. The beyers I've owned have nice mids but the treble can over take the sound a bit. The 880 is a better balance from what I've read and I'll probably get a pair soon as they could be the perfect balance of the three.

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I'm listening to the DT770's right now, personally i think the sony MDR-7506 might be a nice phone to consider as well. I find the mids and treble just barely lacking enough in the DT770's to go for the MDR-7506 for some music. But the Beyer bass is damn near unbeatable.

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Beyer DT880's are my suggestion.


And an amp.

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