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Hello, I am looking for someone who has tried or is using one of the Fischer 003/Brainwavz HM5/Lindy/Jaycar(?) headphones paired with Audioquest Dragonfly.

I really like everything about Dragonfly but the price of the little guy is the very most I can spend on DAC/AMP, so I would like to hear some opinions first.

I just want to get straight the most less painful DAC/AMP. What I mean by saying that? I mean I just want to bother less about the DAC's sound and enjoy the music. I want as much musical sound as this price (~250$) can offer. As you know HM5 sounds flat and neutral I would love to hear softness and more musicality there, because now it sounds a bit too cold for my taste, even if I like quite a cold ambient music very much, such as Brian Eno. Angelo Badalamenti is another favorite musician to show a bit of what music taste I like.

Sound is the most important priority. Obviously I don't want bother with drivers, so I gave up the idea of getting Teac UD-H01 for quite a nice price which is even near me, so trying it wouldn't be a problem. But as I read about all those headaches about drivers I almost instantly gave up this idea, even though it wouldn't be a problem to get solutions on these driver problems for me. But as I said I want to enjoy listening to the music, not to spending time on the driver issues. And obviously size of the DF totally impressed me, especially when I don't use desktop PC anymore. But doesn't mean I couldn't use something size of the Audioengine D1.

Thanks for your answers.
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