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First off I'd like to introduce myself, I'm not an audiophile nor anywhere near it i believe. I come from a long line of skullcandy earphones and other cheap iems. Now before I get boo'd for using skullcandy let me just say I really love the warranty and always got whatever I could find on sale. I love music but I never felt like I needed anything that expensive since I would use them to and from school and later in life,while at work. Anyway, Around 8 months ago my wife offered to buy me some dre beats... I wasn't going to let my wife spend 300 on headphones and I'm glad I never did! BUT I did get some skullcandy hesh. They were 50 percent off at the time from the skullcandy website so I got those instead because, as I've said, I love the warranty. They stopped working 3 months later and I sent them in and when I got my warranty code for the full retail price, I decided to spend a couple extra bucks and get the hesh two with the online mic. Three months later... Same thing happened... So I decided it's time to get better headphones and stumbled here through Google. I'm very happy I did!

So now I want to get something better than the skullcandy headphones. The hesh 2 felt very flat to me. Even compared to my first hesh and I do love some bass so that's what I was basing my searches on the forum on. I stumbled on a forum about the bass kings and read about the pioneer dj500 and a couple others, one was the ws55 and this guy loved them. Made them sound like I would love them too. Sounded like what I was looking for! I listen to some ska, reggae, hip hop, metal, rock, pop, I mean I'm pretty much everywhere and it said the ws55 sound good on songs without much bass but it was awesome when you put some hip hop without muffling the mids or highs. I read the xb500s were great on bass but not mids or highs and so I guess that won't work for me. I've read great reviews on the Numark red waves but can't find much info here on head fi and my last choice was the koss pro dj100 which I like because I read koss has awesome warranty. (which is why I might also get some ksc75s, which I heard about on head fi also, to carry around with me) sorry for the long read... So anyway what I really want is something that has nice bass for hip hop but can handle some ska and metal, detachable cord is a huge plus which is why I like the red waves, and I'd really like them to have a nice warranty the way my skullcandy do. The audio technica have a two year warranty, I believe, but if you buy from a authorized dealer. I'm having a hard time just finding them! Let alone in red which is the color I was hoping for and I'm scared ill buy them and have them mess up. In a few months and find out audio technica won't do anything about it. Another thing I want is for them to be under $100... Maybe I'm asking too much. Hope someone can help. Thanks!