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Does anyone know any place or even someone who owns one (or both) of these earphones and might be able to give me a listen? I have been attempting for a good week to obtain an audition prior to purchase via official channels to absolutely no avail. I am a bit tired of buying IEMs completely blind and then having to sell them second hand for a loss, especially when I can determine within 5 minutes if I like something or not (at least in terms of actual sound if nothing else). I even asked the Grado distributer here in Australia if they would be prepared to send me their burned in demo pair of GR10 earphones on the condition that I return it to them via Express Post within 4 hours of receiving it, and still no luck. And although I have made a couple of purchases from overseas stores that allow returns, I do not want to abuse my return rights, as I am grateful enough that such rights exist as it is. Thank you.