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For Sale: M2Tech Hiface 2 RCA version

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For Sale:
M2Tech Hiface 2 RCA version

Will Ship To: USA

M2Tech Hiface 2 RCA version, affordable USB-to-SPDIF converter.  Get your low and high resolution files from your computer to your DAC's coaxial input via the Hiface 2.  Handles up to 24-bit / 192 kHz files.  


I am the original owner.  Comes with original box.  New cost is $185 + shipping.


Great for those legacy DACs that have no USB input or if your DAC has better SPDIF implementation than USB implementation then this converter can help get the best quality out of your source. 


For now, just shipping in the US.  Price includes shipping via USPS Priority. 


If you need cables:


1.) Wireworld Starlight USB Cable Standard A to B, 2 meters (new cost = $119.95).  Original owner.  Will let go for $75.

2.) Wireworld Starlight 6 Coaxial Digital Audio Cable, 2 meters (new cost = $119.95).  Original owner.  Will let go for $75.

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if you're willing to ship to Israel, I'll buy the M2Tech Hiface 2 from you!



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