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Grado sr80i impressions & need more volume

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Hi all. I read many hundreds of Grado related posts when I was trying to decide between sr60i and sr80i. In he end I bought them both and sent the sr60i back and really for no particular reason, they both sounded great. I also have some bowl pads

I'm using an iPhone 5, ipad 4 and Sansa clip. I can max out the volume on all of them and still find myself wanting more especially for certain tracks that just sound better LOUD. Maybe I am deaf or just used to iems. These are my 1st set of full size cans in a long while but by ksc75 have the same affect. Hs anyone else experienced this? I know from a lot of reading many people say that grados are just fine without an amp.... I am considering a fiio e11 to give me some extra boost and punch & looking for some feedback. Are those that suggest that an amp won't make
Much difference referring to strictly sound quality or volume? Maybe my ears need to be trained to listed differently?

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Headphones that benefit most from an amp have a high impedance and low sensitivity. The SR80i's are the opposite. They have a low impedance and a high sensitivity.

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Thanks. Maybe it is just a bad habit I have to take new headphones straight to the max. I listened to a little pearl jam ten and it was plenty loud enough. Aft that a mix of stuff and the need to go louder is starting to pass. I'm still itching to buy an amp smily_headphones1.gif
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Get your self a Neco Soundlab V3 and hear what they can sound like,there is no way you will turn that baby more than half way up.Crystal clear holographic sound.

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So I hooked up the grados to my home stereo system. I never listen to music on headphones other than portable players but WOW, the grados came alive and this was using the same source: ipad to spotify to Apple TV, through headphones. Amazing ! I am hoping this somewhat simulates what I can expect from a portable amp?
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