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Need a little help

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I was looking for a pair of portable headphones in the $200 range, I know everyone has different taste in music and what they look for in a pair of headphones so I'm just trying to get a general idea of the headphone I'm thinking of purchasing.  My Choices are:


vmoda - M80


Monster DNA

Pioneer elite SE-MJ591


All the headphone are 199.99 and while i was leaning towards the m-80's I found that I could purchase the Pioneer SE-MJ591 for 149.99.  I did a little research on the pioneers and some people on headfi just don't like them at all, but I know when reviewers on headfi review products the price point is also a factor, so at the regular price point of 299.00 They may not be as good as other offerings in a similar price range, but at 149.99 are they better then the 199.99 offerings?


My current portable setup:

     5th gen ipod video

     ibasso t3 10


I mostly listen to R&B, Jazz and Gosple


Any help you guy can give me to make this choice I would greatly appreciate it.



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The Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro might also be one to look at, it has a tunable bass system that has 4 settings.  When closed they have more of an analytical sound and each step up you get more bass and it can also bring more warmth to the mids and highs.  They also cost around $199 but on Amazon right now they keep changing, it was $167 now its $171 but they're normally like the others your looking at.

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They are a good set of headphones but I was trying to choose between something I could just go to a store and buy. I didnr see those on bestbuy website.
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