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My mobile set up is a rockbox 5.5 with shure se215s.  My non mobile set up is shure 840s or phiaton ps500s with an auzentech prelude sound card.  Also dahlquist dq30 speakers that could use a dac but I don't use it a whole lot but anyways.  I listen to mostly rock, alternative, pop, slightly indieish stuff, and a little acoustical singer song writer type stuff and a little hip hop.  So anyways I have roughly $500 for Christmas to upgrade something.  I was thinking new iems or a portable amp or dac or something, but I'm not sure which would be better.  I was thinking maybe shure 535 limited edition, and I do like the se215s, but would that be pointless with just an ipod as a source?  Good isolation is important though because people are loud, and I like a nice sound stage which apparently they have, or if there's something better.  I was looking at the westone w4rs but apparently they don't have as much bass and don't have quiet as good isolation and stuff?  I don't know anyways.  Or should I just get a portable dac or amp?  Or should I just forget about that and get a regular dac for my computer that I could also use with the speakers?  I do use both setups a lot (minus the speakers).  I'm probably rambling and if you're still reading this I'll stop now.