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For Sale:
Clearance: KNS 6400; Brainwavz B2; Hippo VB; Nokia 905i

Will Ship To: Europe

The time to say goodbye to  some of my cans has come.  I can ship to Europe only /with tracking number of course/. PayPal accepted.

Let’s start with KRK KNS 6400 – my first and less listened one – I didn’t get to used with their detailed nature – to close to my MS 1i but without aggression – no more of 10 hours total play time. They are in mint condition. Come with original package. Price: 70 Euros + shipping /7 Euros/

IEM – a 2 month ago I visited my Ear doctor for routine examination and washing procedure. The pain I was experiencing during the latter caused   in dept tests and final verdict was over sensitive canals. End of IEM. I’ve already migrate to ear buds /AKG 319, Senn MX 880, Senn OMX 980 – do I need to complain ?/  

Brainwwvz B2 - no more IEM for me – after 40 hrs of playing time I was forced to leave my new favorites.  In mint condition. Come in original package. Price: 70 Euros + shipping /7 Euros/

Hippo VB – no regrets here. The bass is amazing and somehow addictive even for no bass head like me but overall performance is not my cup of tea. From time to time I was giving them a chance but … And the Doctor was clear enough: no more IEM in the ears. Price: 55 Euros + shipping /7 Euros/

Nokia 905i – yes I know this is head fi but still – If I’m going to sell this they will be accompanied with Sony MW 600 –just no way to sell the latter separately The price would be so low that it couldn’t justify the shipping costs – Price for both 130 Euro + shipping /7 Euros/ total. Both are in mint conditions: Nokia 905i comes with its original package and all accessories.

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