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Comparing Some Headphones

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I am new to Headphones, and want some opinions about the following headphones I've found.


Looking mostly for chill music (no need for heavy bass), they need to be noise isolating (not sure if they all are), and relatively portable (dont mind bulky though), a sleek (or interesting) look, and good durability (will be taking them around with me day to day).





 -cheap, good overall reviews, somewhat aesthetically pleasing



 -referenced to these by multiple sites. How are they overall? Not a big fan of the aesthetics



Seem to be the number one in the price bracket. They look a bit bulky though, and average aesthetics



Reviews claim to be very comfortable. Love the way it looks. Not sure about quality (main worry)



I love these as well due to style and easy use and comfort (reviews).  Not sure about quality.



Not sure about these, but are relatively cheap and are getting good reviews



These are mostly here because of style. Whats the comfort, quality, and durability like?



What do you think I should buy?

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I think all but the last two are great Ideas. The M audio q40s are good too : http://www.amazon.com/M-Audio-Studiophile-Closed-back-Dynamic-Headphones/product-reviews/B000XT8JTM/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1


AKG 550s are another


Since you are look for portability check out this thread. LOTS of ideas : http://www.head-fi.org/t/433318/shootout-107-portable-headphones-reviewed-astrotec-as-100hd-as-200hd-added-12-02-12

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AKG 550s are a bit out of my budget.


Could you narrow down to one for overall quality? I'm having a difficult time deciding.


That thread is very helpful, thank you

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