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RE262s questions

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So the RE262s are now $99 on Amazon. They've always sounded like a headphone I would love - musical, wide soundstage - but I've hesitated because of the supposed amping requirement. This new price has me reconsidering. I have few questions though before I make the decision:


1. Amping out of a Cowon J3: I've read mixed things. Some people say they sound just fine out of the J3. Others say yes they do but they destroy the battery. Others say amping is a requirement regardless.


2. Amping out of a laptop: Is this necessary?


3. If an amp really is necessary, which very cheap one would pair well with the J3 and the 262s? Is the E6 ok?


4. One final complication are the mysterious TDK IE800s which some have compared to the RE262s. For those who have tried them - are they worth 50 bucks more (or less factoring in an amp) than the RE262s?

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edit: ****, I snoozed and loozed. It's back up to 150.

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Bummer.  I just checked Amazon too.  For $100 I would have purchased these as a gift. . .not at $150.

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