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Sony Android Walkman NWZ-Z1040BLK - how good is it?

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i picked this 8 GB Sony Android Walkman player from Best Buy for 120 bucks..at that price I thought it was a steal. It runs an old version of Android but I can live with that. Initial impressions are all good. This is my first personal music player and being a neophyte and all, wanted to know if 8GB is space enough(after setting aside space for the operating system etc)? I do not intend to store videos, just songs.

And, what do people think of this player?


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I have the 32 GB version, NWZ-Z1060; the sound is great, I'm using them with XBA-4 and ATH-M50. These players just got a downloadable firmware update to ICS which lets them play FLAC natively. Strangely enough (or not, it's a Sony after all) the stock media player has a bit of trouble opening lossless files (hangs, crashes) but when it works or with MP3s I find the sound simply amazing. "Even" exfm songs can sound amazing, I don't know which quality they use for the files...


8 GB might be very little, I'd be curious to know how much space you actually have left... Since mine uses something like 6 GB for the system! All of this might not be an issue if we can find a way to stream files from the cloud or your own computer to the player... I tried Audiogalaxy, it works, but DropBox just bought Audiogalaxy... So no need to have the songs in the player, you'd just need enough space to run the App and perhaps temporary files...

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Xszing appreciate your fantastic feedback. I have about 3.5 gb storage space left after loading about 20 songs,admittedly not a whole lot.
Interestly i see that the ICS update is not yet available for the 8gb variant,...what a bummer.
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Your welcome! Check out this thread, someone posted many links for the firmware, they seem to be region dependent... http://www.head-fi.org/t/584479/new-sony-walkman-z-series-mini-review/2850


I'm listening to flac files with the XBA-4 (Blonde Redhead)... It's really amazing... Get yourself the best headphones you can afford, they pair very well with the Z... I've never liked Depeche Mode and even they sound great with the Z! blink.gif

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I didnt know BB has these players. They never displayed them in the store.


Great buy for the price

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Audiobreeder, this is not a phone and yes I purchased it online.
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xszing, thanks for the firmware upgrade thread link, that helped!

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