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Hi head-fiers, I'm pretty new to the in ear world (if you want to know my main area is circumaural closed) I don't particularly want to spend another 2 years relearning headphones. The problem with circumaurals is that you just can't put them in your pocket. Not a problem for me most of the time, but there are those times when I need in ears. I'm looking for amazing isolation, neutral with a warm tilt (it always makes me think cosy sound but I guess that's just me). No earbuds, I can't stand the feel of them, also I love comply and triple flange tips (doesn't have to come with the earphones though). Durable!!!  don't want to have to send them off for a refund after three months, It makes me feel awful. Don't have to look good (I'll accept literally anything) price=£100 max! (that's $241.9350 in American)

I use fiio e11 + ipod nano 3 (sorry, I got the ipod before I was an audiophile, it's also part of the reason I am an audiophile. Read my post on to discover why and please post on there.

Thanks in Advance


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I use my Brainwavz M2 with a pair of Comply T-400 foam tips ( size medium ).  They sound pretty darn good, are very comfortable, and isolate enough to be used on a plane without blasting your eardums. 


The total cost is around $100.

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Sounds like the TDK BA200 would be a great choice for what your looking for, its warm and very detailed.  They don't have a tri flange tip but the come with dual flange and 2 different Comply tips and I think that both isolate very well but the Complys are the best imo.  The B2 isn't a good choice imo if your wanting something on the warm side as its more analytical.

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Good thing I said M2.

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Originally Posted by NA Blur View Post

Good thing I said M2.


Man I'm on a roll with looking at things wrong, sorry bro my dyslexia kicks in from time to time.

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Thanks guys, great recommendations!

the tdks are slightly out of my price range but they look awesome  

the m2s are better from price range aspect, what are the ones up the range like e.g. m3-m5

btw, I will eventually be getting the hm5s they look AWESOME (what do you think of putting some dennon ahd7000 pads on?)

Please check out my thread on why we're audiophiles and keep posting

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