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Wanted: Iem's wanted

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Iem's wanted

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi all,

Before buying new I thought I'd try here. As per the title I am after a pair of iem's. They would be used with an 80g 5.5th video and jds c421, i mainly listen to dance/house/pop from early 90's to present day. The sort of thing I'd consider are:

Final audio design heaven iv
Vsonic gr07
Vsonic gr01
Atrios mg5 with mg7 driver
Acs t15

Will also consider other offerings of this sort of level or higher depending on price that should work well with my rig/gear

Ideally from the UK or Europe but will consider from elsewhere.

Would need to be in full working condition and excellent condition, with any bits and bobs which came with them and preferably boxed

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Revised list (after a few good hours reading and research)

1) vsonic gr07
2) vsonic gr01
3) jvc ha-fxt90
4) klipsch image x10

Would also consider others, can also offer jvc ha-fxd80z's in p/ex perhaps?

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Still looking.....

Can offer a pair of jvc ha-fxd80's + cash for the right deal.

Preference from...

1) vsonic gr07
2) vsonic gr01
3) klipsch image x10
4) tdk ie800
5) hifiman re262
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I have a pair of FXT90 for 85 Canadian listed on the FS forums. Not sure if that price would work for you considering you're in the UK and shipping would be more expensive then shipping in N. America

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still interested?

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bumped, as need something.






Vsonic GR07 mk 2

Vsonic GR01

Fsicher sba03

klipsch x10

atrios mg5 with mg7 driver

final audio design heaven iv

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Will also consider Fischer audio dab 02 (mk 1 or 2)
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I have a pair of Sennheiser IE7's that realy suit electronic/dance type music.


They have big soundstage and quite ample bass, only getting rid because i've got some customs on the way. I have them up for sale here on head-fi


Cost me £120 originally, so quite the bargain, hardly had any use really.

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I've got a complete pair of MG7 M5s, but I'm in America. Let me know if you're interested!
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