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Shoot Out, and a Question.

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So I got my first pair (three actually) of decent in-ear headphones. Logitech Ultimate Ears/UE 200, Philips SHE3590 (assuming same as 3580), and Monoprice 8320.


Broke UE 200 in for about 30-40 hours, Philips for 25 hours, and none on the Mono.



Overall feeling of quality is hands down in the UE's favor, as is comfort; however, their comparatively anemic sound far outweighs these advantages.


Comparing the UE’s to my iFrogs Earpollution, and the like, is of course a different story.


I received the Phillips SHE’s first, and right out of the box, no break-in, I was certain that I had made a mistake in even ordering the other headphones. Having never owned a decent pair of headphones, I was immediately bitten by the audiophile bug.


UE’s came the next day. Noticing such a drastic difference between the UE’s and the SHE’s, I decided to concentrate more on breaking in the UE’s, in hopes that they would catch up, as I really prefer the fit and feel of them - all to no avail. Again, the best word to describe them is anemic. They sound like Steve Buscemi looks.


The Monprice’s arrived today, and the first thing I noticed was how unreasonably uncomfortable they were. I switched the tips with some better ones, and while an improvement, still no dice. I could wear these max, 35-45 minutes.


At first I did not notice any sound difference between them [Monos] and the SHE’s. Both sounded great, with the SHE’s having a bit more bass and overall punch.


Then I started listening to specific parts of songs over and over again; the difference was simply astounding. I’m not up on audiophile lingo, but the sound was bigger, fuller, etc... It was not louder in decibels, but there was, more of it? Both Mono and SHE had good separation and detail, though.


I’m not sure about soundstage, as I don’t think any of the three really have one large[r] enough to compare, but then again, I have almost no idea what I am even talking about.




So the question is: Money. How much and where to throw it, to get Monoprice 8320 sound without the cactus in my ear feel?

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Well, these are six dollar iems. Most headfiers put more money in the tips alone than that. I'm in loss for cactus-relief.

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Where to get properly sized tips though? I know about Comply, but what about silicone? I see silicone tips for sale on Amazon and the like, but they all seem to be basically the T400 size, which are too large for the Philips, UE200, etc... which require a T200. 

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I have seen really many varieties at Amazon. I think it's possible. Good luck sir.
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