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B&W C5 vs Grado GR10

Poll Results: B&W C5 or Grado GR10

  • 0% (0)
    Tried them both, go for the Grado GR10
  • 11% (1)
    Tried them both, go for the B&W C5
  • 44% (4)
    Haven't tried them both, but like the C5
  • 44% (4)
    Haven't tried them both, but like the GR10
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I wanted to get the opinion of the people of Head-Fi on these two IEMs.

I generally listen to Grado SR125s and 225is whenever I can.


For reference of my tastes on the matter with non IEMs:

I have auditioned the P5s and for their price I wasn't impressed.

I opted to add another 100 and get the Grado SR225i.


I had a set of C5s previously (until I lost them :S ), and they were good... but only worth it if they were about half price (~$100-$120, not $179-200) IMHO.


I generally find B&W to be expensive for their quality but ok, and I need to go through a few before I find a pair that sounds right.

I also had a pair of Apple In-Ears, and they were crap IMHO, worth MAX $35-45 not the $89 that they sell for.


So you can see how my tastes run towards Grado, and their tonality, in these matters.

That being said, I have heard that Grados lower-end stuff is mass manufactured crap, and that I would probably get better quality out of something like the B&W C5s.


For an IEM, considering my tastes, would you say Grado GR10s or to replace the missing set of B&W C5, or to stick with a new pair of C5s



Anywhoo, thoughts, Ideas, Suggestions?



TL;DR: I like Grados sound, but worry that the low end stuff isn't worth the money, I already tried B&W stuff, and know that, for me, they are about double in price what I would consider fair for their sound quality.

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Aaaand, Just noticed the price difference between the C5s and the GR10s. But willing to do it if they won't be a let down like the C5s were.

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The C5 doesn't come close to the sound quality of the GR10, it muddy sounding and came come close to the detail of the GR10.

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The GR10's sound like a Grado RS1i. Just amazing.

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GR10 is not easy to recommend for general traffic use. it sounds mesmerizing in silent enviroment though.

C5 is my favorite IEM today (better compared to IE8, IE80). if your source is flac + high quality player + well recorded music you will be astonished by the quality, and it blocks out pretty much noise from outside.


GR10 is for home use.

C5 is for walking, travelling, bicycle.


I own both and C5 is a better value + build quality is out of this world. amazing stuff from B&W.

i'm huge grado/alessandro fan too.


GR10 need amplifications to sound 100%,

for C5 my Cowon iAudio 9+ is enough.


C5 is underrated like Jesús Navas

GR10 is picky about the environment & amping and has cheap plastic shell.


C5 is more universal (but not perfect of course) IEM.


C5 is FUN FUN FUN and sounds like a 2.1 system in your head (only IEM that can do that today IMHO).


GR10 is a bit recessed, more natural sounding IEM. - it has beautiful details on board.

my main problem with GR10 is the weak sound without amp.


both need serious BURN-IN time: 500h.

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