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Originally Posted by Oteil View Post

I recently got MOG as well and have been enjoying it immensely. I have just been listening to music instead of trying to figure out what should I buy next or do to my setup to make it sound better. I am far too excited about the great new music I am getting to hear on a daily basis.My headphones have never sounded better. 


MOG rocks. Best selection and quality I've found so far streaming. I'm trying people I've never heard of before, and it is a liberating experience to listen to a brand new artist you have no pre-conceptions about. And having the entire album history of old favorites like Bob Dylan or Johnny Cash is pretty incredible too.   



Originally Posted by bigshot View Post

When I finally got a house where I could set up my speaker system properly, I was like a kid in a candy store. I discovered it wasn't electronics that was holding me back, it was *space*. I spent about four or five months setting it up just right and equalizing. 


It's always nice when you can get more sound out of old equipment. I put my speakers on cinder blocks recently and it cleared up mid/lower frequencies. That $1.50 went a ridiculously long way. (an idea I stole from someone at another forum) I was a dolt and had them on top of old speakers before, an acoustic nightmare,  but you live and learn I guess.    


Originally Posted by bigshot View Post

 I'm ripping and listening and tagging and listening and organizing and listening. Hog heaven. That's what it's REALLY about.


Exactley! Have fun man, that's awesome. 

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I like mog as well, but I think they quietly changed their bps to only 256kbps, not 320 like they used to.  Can someone confirm that?  I found it out while recording some of their streams.



Update:  I did some more checking and the vast majority is streamed at 320kbps, but some older classical albums are at 256, such as the classical recordings from the 1960s.

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I love MOG but I've been having serious connection issues lately. MOG is very nice for finding new artists.
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Originally Posted by bigshot View Post

Shopping advice online is usually pretty poor. People just recommend what they happen to own. If you want to be a smart shopper, it's best to understand how stuff works. If you do that, you don't need tens of thousands of dollars and decades of trial and error to get a great system. You can get great sound immediately on just about any budget.


Building your own gear is by far the best value. There's a lot more satisfaction in listening with equipment you built yourself and you learn, through experience, how electronics actually work.

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Originally Posted by Draygonn View Post

I love MOG but I've been having serious connection issues lately. MOG is very nice for finding new artists.



It used to be very spotty, but it is now running like clockwork.  would suggest you use their desktop app and not your browser to listen.

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Originally Posted by mitchflorida View Post

It used to be very spotty, but it is now running like clockwork.  would suggest you use their desktop app and not your browser to listen.
I'm using Squeezebox Touch. I did some googling, apparently this happens every so often to SBT owners when they update the code. Otherwise MOG has been amazing. I'm very impressed with their library.
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I haven't had much luck with streaming services, or satellite radio for that matter. I have a very large music collection and diverse tastes. It seems that while these services have great selections of contemporary music from major labels, they fall back on "the regular suspects" when it comes to back catalog stuff. I buy mostly small label CDs nowadays, and they never seem to make it to streaming services. And in classical music, the performer is very important to me. The streaming services aren't smart enough to know one Beethoven or Karajan recording from another.

What I would REALLY like is a network of carefully curated internet radio programs on specific types of music,
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This is a very good classical radio station from the Netherlands.  AVRO.  They have another one for Baroque music.


No interruptions with ads  and you can easily record this because every track is identified .



http://shoutcast.omroep.nl:8072/listen.pls      you can play this on itunes

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Yes, I listen to those. I wish there were similar things for jump blues, classic country western, Latin jazz, and pop vocals.
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I never even heard of jump blues before.  This station claims to play it.




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Jump blues is the link between jazz and rock n roll. When jazz started going abstract, a lot of the good time music players left bop and created early r&b... louis Jordan was the most famous. Elvis took it a step further and mixed a bit of country in. Jump blues is the root of R&B and rock n roll.
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Is Chuck Berry considered jump blues? I love that guy. 

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Chuck Berry is rock n roll, which came out of jump blues. Jump Blues stands right at the junction of the Blues, Jazz and Rock n Roll. Different artists leaned towards different directions in the music.

Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five

Louis Prima and Keeley Smith with Sam Butera and the Witnesses

T Bone Walker
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Originally Posted by Currawong View Post

I have a plan to re-arrange the forums, with music moving further up.

I'd like to read more about your Idea(s) to make music a more integral part of the forum. Music should have more presence here than it does, after all, what good is the gear with out the tunes? I like the Idea of sub-forums for major genres and possibly another sub for reviews of both recordings and labels. Adding clips to music reviews would be helpful and I think create interest in the forum.


Another thought......I've always wanted to learn more about classical, I took a course in college a very long time ago and since then I've read tutorial books and picked up a little better understanding but it would be great to have a member well versed in classical to lead a sort of "tutorial forum". The leader(s) could select a classical piece, explain it and then the thread subscribers, AKA students, would listen to the piece and then get together on the thread to discuss it. I suspect we have a few classical Mavens who may be willing to facilitate such a thread to help others understand and appreciate the music they love.  


This same idea could work for other Genres as well.

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