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For Sale: Creative X-Fi Titanium HD

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Creative X-Fi Titanium HD

Will Ship To: CONUS/Canada

For sale is my mint Creative X-Fi Titanium HD sound card. Got it in mid 2011 to replace a dead Fatal1ty, and has been in my computer since then. Recently I acquired a new DAC (the Onkyo in my sig) and have done less gaming than before, so the Ti HD doesn't find much use lately. Right now I'm using it to output optical signal to the Onkyo, and while the sound is remarkable, I don't notice much difference vs. USB. They use the same DAC (PCM 1796) after all.

So yeah. All stock configuration (no op-amp changes), fully functional, all accessories + original packaging included, and the Best Buy receipt. Price includes shipping inside the US. For Canada you will pay for shipping. +3% Paypal as well.

No actual photos since the card is inside my computer and I'm lazy, but it is quite well known already. I have only taken it out of the case twice or so for cleaning.

Thanks for reading! k701smile.gif
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Hey I reached my max pm as a newbie yesterday. I sent some questions to the paypal email you listed. Did you get the email?
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I reached my max newbie PM limit again. I sent another e-mail to your Paypal email address. Yeah just go ahead and send it to the e-mail listed in my paypal. In the e-mail I sent to you, I listed it again just in case.

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Sold & shipped!

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