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2013 CES DUNU             

                                                                                                        Booth: LVCC, North Hall - 3938

                                                                                                                             Contact: Rocky


Looking forward to experience the charm of DUNU earphone. DUNU is the earphones expert
in tuning, design and manufacture. DUNU will attend 2013 CES
at LVCC, North Hall - 3938.

In the exhibition, You can will be able to get the very first hand experience to our latest
three prototypes for 2013 and the whole competitive DUNU earphone product line including
2012 tunable Flagship DN-19 Tai Chi. From Dynamic to Balance Armature driver, low end to
high end. DUNU brings supreme quality product for your pleasure.







       Delicate Unique & Utmost.




If you are interested in cooperation with DUNU or have any Product inquiries, please contact Rocky for more information.



2013 CES at Las Vegas, 2013 Jan 8th~11th.


          LVCC, North Hall - 3938


Contact: Rocky (International sales and PR manager)


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