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For Sale: **Tubes for Sale** Mostly NOS ONE DAY SALE!!!

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For Sale:
**Tubes for Sale** Mostly NOS ONE DAY SALE!!!

Will Ship To: conus

Tubes for Sale:


Each set of tubes will ship in a usps small flat rate box with each tube bubble wrapped thoroughly. All shipping is done next day after payment is made. Multiple sets will be shipped in same box with a small discount applied for shipping saved.




I am not a tube expert. You may and probably will have questions about these tubes that I cannot answer. I can only verify that all tubes do function and produce no noticeable hum or irregular noise. They were all bought from head-fi members within the past six months. The listed price includes shipping and paypal fees.




  1. RCA’s 6FQ7/6cG7 $22
  2. Nationals: 6922 $18 sold
  3. GE’s 6FQ7-Japan $15
  4. Lorenz ITT PCC88 $40 sold
  5. Schitt Audio stock GE’s NIB-2 pair $15ea.
  6. Tubemonger tube saver (one a single but you could buy the other single from tubemonger and have a pair for cheap!) $15


**I would offer the entire set at a huge discount to avoid the trouble of all the shipping until the set becomes broken up…$110 $95. This includes shipping conus and all fees. 


7. Also have a set of socket savers for sale that work with the lyr. $15 shipped. 


Thanks for looking!!


ONE DAY SALE...There is $97 worth of tubes and tube savers left here. $45 shipped TODAY only!!



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For Sale: $1,350 (USD)
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