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Esmooth is OEM and will not sell to individuals.

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Some of the Esmooth line are up on ebay, http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_trksid=p5411.m570.l1313&_nkw=Esmooth+&_sacat=0&_from=R40


I contacted the seller to see if he will also be offering the 880's.

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I ordered the ES821-EB model from eBay, haven't received them yet, though.


I also sent an inquiry to Esmooth about purchasing their headphones. Their answer was that they don't sell to individuals but there's a US company called Iliments that sells their ES-880 model for $130: 


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If they're cheap, why not?
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Yes I've talked to both companies plenty, Meze denies a complete connection, but ESmooth tells me they OEM for Meze directly.
I ordered 8 pairs of headphones and after some expensive shipping it worked out to about $75 a pair. All of which sound great.
You have to contact esmooth directly for ordering.

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I bought a used pair of The Meze 88 Classics off of another Head-fi member, so my urge to get the 880's is no longer there.

I can see that the Meze 88 must  certainly be a knock off of the much cheaper 880's. As the sound signature of the 88's is really no more than what one would expect from a headphone under $100, and that is being generous.


On the other hand the 88's, with my gear, and to my ears, seems to handle bass somewhat good, but detail is missing and the sound kind of sounds closed in more than one would expect. I tried them only for about 5 minutes at work, and am to lazy to go and get them right now, but my co-worker, who does not have the best in hearing, tended to agree with my comments.

They do look great, really gorgeous.


Thankfully I bought them very cheaply.


There are at least three or more reviews out on the net that claim that the Meze 88's are the best thing in closed headphones in its price range. Those reviewers must either be deaf or seriously bought off by Meze. If the Meze 88's had been advertised at the above esmooth price of $75, that would have been a nice deal, but not at eek.gif $300!

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Try contacting steven@esmooth.cn I contacted him and Im trying to buy a apir of these headphones.

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can some1 tell me the difference btwn. Senta 40 vs. Meze?  As they seems to look exactly the same, and same spec. if you compare the 66 to senta 40



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thrilling…… identified Esmooth on Amazon.

seems nice and reasonable price.

I am planning to get one.

Any guy share ideas?

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