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It's a clean refurb from a trusted reseller and a 30 day guarantee. I've got a lot of vinyl but haven't had a functioning turntable for a long time now so my lovely wife got me this for Christmas. I decided to go with a clean used one over a new one and we're on a budget since I'm out of work currently and we're new parents to a six-week boy.

I'm gonna raise him right -- on vinyl, not just digital...dammit! smily_headphones1.gif

I haven't Googled the year or decade that this came out but I'll look up the cartridge that's on it. They refurbed and tuned it up there in the store and added the needle/cartridge. I just wanted to see if I did okay with this one and if anyone here has had them. I sure have always like Techics in the past.

EDIT: It has a new Technics P34 cartridge on it.
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