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Under 100$ earphones

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I am looking for earphones, under 100$.

I was using Brainwavz M4 (got broken), and Sennhesier cx280 (lost them). So I am looking for durable (Brainwavz got dead when they fall from my neck to floor for first time), bass weighted (not fake or extreme heavy bass). I mostly listen electronic (trance, dubstep), rock and r&b and pop music. So I would be glad if you can recommend me some earphones.

Recommendations I got : Sony MDR-XB90EX and ATH-CKM500

Actually I am looking for some models on accessoryjack but it will take forever for me to decide by myself, because I don't have chance to try any of those earphones. So help is appreciated.

Edit: The ones I found so far : sennheiser cx880 (didn't find many info about it actually), ath-cks77 (read a long thead about it, looks good but can't be sure if that weird headphone design will be comfy or not)
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So a bump, I am between ckm500 and cks77. But I have few questions :

1-) I don't really puke bass, like I said I mainly listen electronic music. I think cks77 have extra bass. Is ckm500's bass good enough for average user?

2-) Does short cable cause a lot problems? I honestly would like to buy cks77 because of long cable. I know there is an extension cord but I am not sure if it will make any difference to sound quality etc.
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