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Is there any place that carries a good assortment of headphones that you can listen to? Tried Guitar Center and Best Buy but both were a bust. Guitar Center did persuade me into the Beyer DT 770s and I'm super glad they did, but would still love to keep looking for the "holy grail" of headphones. Price is not a limiting factor. 


Thanks for the help!



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B&H has their store in NY. They have a good assortment of headphones on display.

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J&R downtown has a decent selection and you can plug them into your own phone/music player.  However, for some of the higher end ones (Grado, Senn) you may need to bring your own 1/8" to 1/4" adapter and portable amp to drive them, as my recollection is they are not really set up to demo those cans well out of a portable.

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J&R is definitely the best I've been to for that in the city.  B&H has a lot of headphones on display, but they're already plugged into a source which you have no control over.  Unfortunately J&R does not carry Beyerdynamic products anymore though, so when it comes to actual buying, B&H and Adorama are better options.

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Lyric Hi-Fi has a decent selection of headphones and amps.

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Colgin... any recommendations as to a portable amp? Started to look into that and was curios. Is there something decent to be had between $100-200? Or for that matter...a desktop headphone amp in the same price range?




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