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For Sale: FS: Sennheisser IE8

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For Sale:
FS: Sennheisser IE8

Will Ship To: CONUS

I have a pair of IE8s that I have been considering selling.  I bought them on 6/2009 from VMInnovations.  They are an authorized Sennheiser dealer.  I still have the receipt.  Having owned a fair amount of top tier IEMs I can also vouch for their SQ.  These were purchased before fakes were even an issue.  They come with everything as new except for the metal storage case, it's somewhere on a Jetblue plane but I will ship them with the Otterbox case pictured.  


The stock tips are basically unused, I did try a few but ultimately settled on custom silicone molds and also Sony silicone tips.   I will also throw in a brand new set of Auvio tips from Radio Shack that I bought for these and tried one pair.  (14.99 Value).


They are in excellent shape for their age, I would rate them a 8/10.  I take exceptional care of my stuff.  The cable is also in great condition.  no snags or obvious wear.  The only thing I can say is the nickel plated connector sometimes has some static but this it true with all IE8s.  I usually just wipe it off with some alcohol or my glass cleaner and it''s good to go.


The first year I owned them, they were my primary IEM but saw little use year two and have been sitting in my desk drawer since I bought an iPhone and started using TF10vi as my daily commuter.


I would like to net $175 for them so figure 175 + shipping and PayPal fees, somewhere around $185 which I think is fair due to their age.


I can take better pictures over the weekend with my Camera but for now I have posted a pic from my phone.


Please check my feedback and be confident with your purchase.


Edit:  It's Christmas so I'll cover the shipping and PayPal fees, so $175 all in. CONUS

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Do you post to England? I see you say that post just to USA but are you sure you can't post abroad? I have a reputable ebay account for feedback if you desire that or on avforums.

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For all interested parties, I am currently only offering these for sale to US shipping addresses.

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