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Cheap earphones £30/$50

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Hello Im after song cheapish earphones for around £30/$50, dont know much about earphones so was hoping for some advice :),  I was thinking of a few different pairs.
Soundmagic E10
Soundmagic pl11
MEElectronics M9
brainwav m5
was looking at these, can anyone tell me which of these is best for drum and base music, thanks.

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Soundmagic E10
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thanks, any more opinions.

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i recommend XB40 over the XB41. if u really like bass, IMO

MH1C is not bad also, enough bass for me.

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ok thanks for advice :)

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JVC HA-FX101. Plenty of bass, and clear sound overall. In the US it is under $20.

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If you raise your budget little more then Sony XB90EX are highly recommended and they sound full punchy bass and overall quite detailed with good isoaltion. But in your current budget i will recommend the JVC FX3X because they offers deep punchy bass, crisp clear soundquality and fairly wide soundstage( Monster Turbine, Sony EX310 are highly recommended too).

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good advice lads, thanks

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Brainwavz M4 definetely

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No, go for Brainwavz R1. From this bunch, they are the best, even you haven't mentioned them.

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Try these for size if you want something hugely cheap: AWEI ES800M
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What kind of music do you listen ? If you like classical, maybe the Brainvaz R1 isn't a good option. What are you looking for when you listen to music ? Bass, dynamic, medium, treble ? For less than 50 $, you have a lot of earphones on the market with a good SQ like the Brainwavz R1, M4, Head-direct RE-0 (49$ at the head-direct's site) and so on. You can take a look to the multi-reviews of iemof made by |joker| or ClieOS, to be shure of what kind of signature you're looking at.

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Please be aware there are tons of FAKE on ebay of ha fx101 and ha fx3x. Tipically they are sold from China or Honk Kong. Even if the post say they are genuine this is not true. I went asking mos of the seller of this listings one by one and even in the post they advertise as genuine, when asked by me through  messages they say that the buds are OEM-s assembled in china. This made me suspicious and I went to  which is a chinese  site where you can find many chinese copies and generally nothing genuine. 

At alibaba the sellers are known to sell copies so they dont even bother to hide that. I contacted then many  jvc  headphone sellers there, and all o them said that this are "GOOD COPIES'. So please dont buy from this seller who sell only crap copies.

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I love my pl11s
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