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VERY inexpensive Ear Buds?

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Hello All,

Long story short my wife said she would buy ear buds for our son's entire class (23+ kids).  I know this is not exactly the type of question we getrhere but I was wondering if anyone had any experience with really cheap ear buds (Not IEM's), not concerned with sound as much as durability.






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JVC Gumy?

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Originally Posted by Doc-holliday View Post



In the original post it says "not IEM's"...


Panasonic has also got cheap earbuds:


But I think that the JVC Gumy might have better fit for kid's ears...


You would probably get 25 pairs for around $150. If you go for cheaper than that, you can probably find something without a brand name in electronic stores. Since you live in the US, how about Radio Shack?

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If you don't mind waiting 3-6 weeks, ordering from China is always the way to go for cheap mass purchases. A good place to start is at , and read the reviews on earbuds. They're all unpaid user reviews, and anything well-rated is probably quite decent sounding, despite being unbranded or very cheap.

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