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L-pads are a good idea too, but I felt that would add clutter and complication in front of the amp. I prefer these tucked away in the back. They provide consistent results, and I don't hear any tonal changes on three pairs of cans or on the powered speakers connected to the preamp line out jacks.  


These attenuators were about $30 per pair with shipping: In the end SYS would have been a slightly better deal after I bought a second pair, but I like how these take up less space and don't require more cables. 

I know what you mean about tidy. Since I can solder, etc. I would have turned on the calculator, bought a few resistors and put together a headphone extension cable that has the LPADs built in. Luckily I don't need this as my headphones are not too sensitive.  I've never seen a stereo LPAD that is applicable to headphones that is prebuilt and purchasable, only stuff for loud speakers.