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Put a Modi in between your Magni and that computer, and get ready for yet another level of detail. Seriously.


My brother inlaw was mentioning the same thing about an external dac making a major difference compared to the horrible onboard sound he had on his work computer. Will most likely get the Modi in the future to hear the difference. At the moment am very satisfied. Thanks for the advice :D

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A week so far of decadent audio indulgence with the Schiit Magni playing my HiFiMan HE-400 headphones and no regrets about putting away my speaker system for a headphone setup. Listening to some Mozart Allegro at the moment and its soothing in its grand musical properties. I cant believe how great the Schiit Magni sounds with my pc's onboard sound compared to my stereo receiver which now sounds subdued and nowhere as revealing.


Tried out my Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones and they were even more spectacular then before as I listened to some Front 242 remixes and then played a early access game of GRIM DAWN with everything sounding so right. Will be fun seeing what the Audio Technica Ath AD700 and Ultrasone HFI-780 are like.


Thanks Schiit for making my audio experience a mesmerizing one at a euphoric low price :D

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Currently listening to the HE-500/Magni pairing sourced via Mac Air with a Bifrost Uber on USB - sounds pretty darn impressive for the price! A/B-ing with the Mjolnir, the Magni sounded more forward with more prominent mids. Bass was present though not as taut nor controlled as the Mjolnir (which is to be expected).


Truly, the Magni could be all the amp you ever need..

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