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Wanted: Woo Audio 6SE

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Woo Audio 6SE

Will Ship To: Anywhere

As the title says, I'm looking for a Woo Audio 6SE headphone amp in good condition, and preferably with the Sophia Princess upgrade


There was actually one on ebay a few days ago but was swept up before I can get my hands on it :(



Also, if by some chance you are looking to buy speakers, I have a really great pair of Era D5 speakers in piano black available that I will be willing to trade. Of course I will add money to make it even if you decide you want the speakers by some chance. I'm moving soon so I decided to switch from speakers to headphones for the time being


Additionally I have a very rare TAD-150 Signature preamp that I also would be willing to trade. But this being head-fi I doubt anyone would be interested


Anyway, if you happen to have one and are thinking of letting it go, send me a PM. Thanks

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I am interested in your TAD-150.  I have a WA2 with an extra set of power tubes - 2399 - that I am selling.  The amp is brand new.  I just got it Thursday after waiting nine months for Jack to get it right.  But it isn't.  It plays fine, but the optional feature I paid for isn't in place.  After nine months, I am done with them and just want to move on.


If you are interested, we could do a trade plus cash; if not, what are you looking for for your TAD?




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