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Rename tool in windows?

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I want to rename some files in my music library, 

basically I want to add "." at the beginning of some files, 

I use windows to search for the files, then I select all of them, and at this step I`m blind,


I tried Bulk Rename utility, and other tools, but basically they want all files in one folder, while these files come from a windows search so they are scattered in several folders.

Any help?

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Have you tried MP3tag?




You can rename your music files based on a particular pattern you want.  And you can use the metadata (song title, artist, album, etc...) to rename files as well.  I've used it for years and it's a great utility to manage your music files. :)




Edit: Sorry I missed the part where you want to re-name search results. MP3tag won't work for this, but I use a program called XYplorer that will batch rename search results based on a pattern you want.  Unfortunately it's not free, though.



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Ill second MP3 tag.

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I`m trying XYplorer, I can search the files ok, but I cannot rename easily, 

I see a Rename special feature, but cant do what I want, 

should I use any batch, because I`m newbie for that,

I tried Bulk Renamer but it doesnt work for hidden files,


ps. I dont want to edit tags, no use of MP3tag.

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Yup, you're on the right track with the batch rename.  After you've searched the files you want to rename, select all of them, Right-Click -> Rename Special -> Batch Rename...


You should see the "Batch Rename" window open and you'll be prompted for the rename pattern.  In your case, since you want to add a "." to the start of the file name, you can just use this pattern:




I hope this helps! :)

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